LEVEL II: Due Diligence

CHP Level 2 Option on Due Diligence helps hedge fund professionals learn about hedge fund due diligence fundamentals and best practices. The CHP Level 2 program on due diligence program requires three texts. Each focus on different aspects of due diligence and are crucial to a well-rounded understanding.

One text will provide an overall basic level of knowledge of due diligence, some techniques, and key terms to focus on and thus should be read first (Hedges on Hedge Funds).  One book will provide candidates with some of the current models and techniques being used in the hedge fund industry to uncover operational risk, and trends that may lead the way within the industry going forward (Hedge Fund Operational Due Diligence).  The final book is meant to be the capstone of the entire due diligence section and links many of the previously explored ideas together in a meaningful way while explaining some of the most crucial elements of a hedge fund and their overall relation to risk (Hedge Fund Risk Fundamentals).

Level 2 builds on CHP Level 1 by referring to investment strategies, terms, and trends discussed within the Level 1 reading materials.

Learning Modules

  1. Hedge Fund Characteristics
  2. Risk
  3. Hedge Fund Operation
  4. Due Diligence Review Strategies
  5. Modeling Techniques
  6. Hedge Fund Terms

Video Modules + Audio Interviews + Required Reading Completing the CHP program involves self-paced studying using our library of over 50 concise video modules, invaluable expert interviews, and four required texts:

  1. The Hedge Fund Handbook: A Definitive Guide for Analyzing and Evaluating Alternative Investments by Stefano Lavinio
  2. Hedge Fund Risk Fundamentals: Solving the Risk Management and Transparency Challenge (Bloomberg Professional Library) by Richard Horwitz
  3. Hedges on Hedge Funds: How to Successfully Analyze and Select an Investment (Wiley Finance) by James R. Hedges IV
  4. Hedge Fund Operational Due Diligence: Understanding the Risks (Wiley Finance) by Jason A. Scharfman

CHP Level 2 in Due Diligence Certificate: Within a few weeks after you receive a passing grade for CHP Level 2 in Due Diligence, your certificate will be emailed to you after specifying exactly how you would like your name denoted on the certificate. You may also order a hard copy diploma in a padded leatherette holder for a nominal fee.

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