How can I stand out from my competition when applying for financial modeling jobs?

Financial ModelingQuestion: How can I stand out from my competition when applying for financial modeling jobs?

Answer: Employers receive thousands of resumes for job openings, partly because open positions are advertised on the Internet and open jobs show up in thousands of job searches. So, your resume likely will go through electronic scanning and screening. So, before you get your foot into the interview room, your resume must stand out. To make you resume stand out, you must personalize each resume submission to the company you are applying to. This is a lot of work for job seekers, but believe it or not, this customization dramatically improves your chances of getting a job, relative to the frustration and delays if you do not customize it. So intelligently insert key words that are relevant to the position and the company, so that automatic screening tools shortlist your resume. Once you get an interview call, make sure you clearly showcase your research into the interviewing company, their business and the kinds of projects they have done in the past, then cite company-specific examples that tie into your financial modeling skills, and talk about the company’s culture and work environment as one that you would ideally like to have in your future work place.

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