Businessman and ComputerOur employee training platform helps companies dramatically improve their profitability and effectiveness while lowering employee turnover.

To date, we have trained and certified over 3,000 professionals based in over 30 different countries around the world. We have trained small business groups and several teams of Fortune 500 companies such as Thomson Reuters, Goldman Sachs, and Hewlett Packard (HP).

Benefits of having your employees complete our Finance Training programs:

1) Combine any of our 23 unique training programs to build your own employee training program for your business. Our programs can help your employees gain the specialized knowledge required to help your firm compete more effectively.

2) Benefit from the fact that every program we offer is built by niche financial experts within functional practice areas to ensure that your ROI on training is high and your payback period for this investment is short.

3) Convert your C players into knowledgeable B level employees and turn your star employees from pro-active project executors into knowledgeable niche experts allowing you to make more money with the talent you already have on-board.

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Special Employer Training Rates: Recently, several teams have registered and are completing our business training and certification programs together as groups. If you are interested in having us train a department or team within your firm please contact us to discuss our discounted employee training rates and custom enterprise solutions.

Our programs are constructed by business employers for the benefit of other business employers. This is done by constructing certification programs that follow our program principles as displayed to the left.

Each of our programs is easily offered to current employees on an as-needed basis or can be included as part of an enterprise-wide educational benefits package.

Below please find some common questions we receive from employers.

Why should I pay for our employees to complete one of your training or certification programs?

Our programs are built around what is practical and useful in the marketplace today. We do not use traditional textbooks or even professors in most cases; instead, we rely on expert interviews, what actually works in the real world, and case studies. Our programs can help select members of your company or entire teams to move up the learning curve in just 6-12 months in several high value niches that can pay dividends back to your company in more effective, efficient, creative, and motivated employees.

Work With Us To Design Your Employee Training Program: Training and education is one of the company benefit options that directly helps improve the operations and bottom line of your business. To speak with a team member about putting together a custom employee training program for your business, please email us at or call our team member, Ashley, at (503) 922-2752.