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CHP Designation Review

CHP Designation Review

A few years ago, I noticed that professionals in the hedge fund industry had very limited options when it came to training.  So, I along with the Hedge Fund Group designed the Certified Hedge Fund Professional designation.  Since then, we have provided 100% online hedge fund training to more than 1,200 professionals around the world.  Some of our participants have been kind enough to share their experiences in the Certified Hedge Fund Professional program.

First, a Level 1 Certified Hedge Fund Professional explains how the certification helped improve his resume:


My name is Kevin and I just recently completed the level 1 Certification for Hedge Fund Professionals. The reasons why I chose to pursue the certification are (1), I have a great passion for finance and through that I am pursuing a career in the hedge fund industry. (2) I want a competitive advantage for competing against Ivy League candidates for hedge fund positions. Finally (3), to learn a great sense of knowledge regarding investment strategies, portfolio analytics, funds of funds and the hedge fund industry as a whole.

You know coming from a nontraditional university, the CHP provides me with an advantage in entering the finance industry and it also gives me a leg up when competing for watch your positions. I may not be coming from an Ivy League institution but when I’m up for a competitive position the CHP gives me an opportunity to standout among others. For example, just last year I was an equity research analyst at an investment relations firm and through that experience alone, I was able to be noticed and picked up by a managing director from one of the top capital asset management companies in the Southeast region.

From that initial contact, I received an e-mail for a full-time offer at their firm and was also told that I was competing against three other students from Ivy League institutions. Yet again, being the only one from a nontraditional school, the CHP provided me with the tools and knowledge to be able to surpass a series of tests and in the end I was able to outperform those other candidates. Because of the designation program that the CHP offers, I was able to be involved with the in depth and comprehensive course rate that specializes in the hedge fund industry.

Also, through the great network within the hedge fund group, I’ve been able to gain great exposure and also be noticed by top firms. I recommend this program to anyone who has a drive and passion for finance and especially in the hedge fund industry. To all the students especially those from the non-traditional school, this is a great opportunity to confirm and validate your passion for finance to any firm out there on Wall Street as well as giving you an advantage when going up against an Ivy League candidate and other top performers. Thank you.

A second Certified Hedge Fund Professional training participant shares his experience:


Good morning. I’m Casey. I’m a software engineer. I develop products used in the creation of computer chips for consumer electronic devices. For decades, I’ve had a passion for automated trading systems. 8 months ago, I decided to turn this passion into a gainful employment. In my search, I came upon the Hedge Fund Group and their CHP Certified Hedge Fund Professional program. I decided to pursue the program. The program has had three benefits for me.

First, it has given a sense of the ecology of hedge funds, operations, investors and support organizations. Second, it’s given me a new appreciation for risk, what it is, how it’s measure and how to manipulate it. This is critical in understanding and evaluating automated trading systems. Third and most important, through the supplemental materials and coaching from the team at the Hedge Fund Group, I have developed a personal plan for achieving gainful employment in the hedge fund industry and I’ve been executing successfully on this plant.

The CHP program has delivered the value it promised to me. Now, I’m sure it will deliver this value for you as well. Have a great day.

Another CHP participant explains the benefits of joining the Certified Hedge Fund Professional designation and how it helped him as a fund manager:


Hi, my name is Chad Gardener. I’m a fund manager at Gardner Investments Limited and we’re registered in the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean and we manage a corporate called “Fund.” For those of you who don’t know what that is, basically we trade stocks and options for short-term income.

And the Caribbean is a great place to be in a hedge fund industry and apart from the great weather. We have all the hedge fund consultants at our fingertips and accountants and lawyers that we can focus on trading, that’s what we do best. But we have a credibility issue, you know we’re always fighting to prove our credibility and that’s why I felt the need to become a certified hedge fund professional.

The CHP will enhance our credibility and make us part of a global group of professionals. And the CHP also gives us direct access to other industry professional. You know it has just the network within the industry. Another great thing about the CHP is that the exam is online. You know, we’re in the Caribbean, we’d have to get on a plane and fly to the US to take a paper-based exam. So the online exam is perfect for us. That’s three great reasons to join the program. I would encourage anyone in the industry to join.

Finally, a buy-side equity analyst and aspiring hedge fund manager explains how the CHP designation has improved his knowledge of the hedge fund industry:


Hi, this is a testimonial for a CHP level 1 program that I recently completed. Throughout this preparation, I had an opportunity to learn about the broad understanding of hedge fund industry. In my case, I work as a buy-side equity analyst and learning about the due diligence process or third-party marketing was very powerful as my long-term career goal is to be a hedge fund manager.

And also if you’re new in the industry or trying to get into this market I think this program is very helpful. It’s not because it’s the exam that’s really for the hedge fund industry but also it will train you to be able to speak same language as other hedge fund professionals. In fact, it is an advantage to have at the job interview. One example is, I recently had a job interview with one of the major firm in the US that provide a consulting service in the hedge fund industry.

Also, I think if you work in a mutual fund especially as an investment advisor this will probably be really helpful because you will be able to provide additional information to the clients that is not exposed in the mutual funds. Overall, I think it’s a great program and I’m excited to participate on level 2.

There’s nothing like hearing about a program straight from the professionals who have completed it.  I hope that these videos help you understand how the CHP can help you and your career.     

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