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Financial Analysis Training & Glossary TermsDiversified Investment Advisors: Diversified investment advisors have done well in the past. Some recent studies have shown that over 90% of investment returns is the result of asset allocation. This means that if you run a diversified portfolio of money allocating that money to the appropriate classes of assets is more important than choosing the correct individual securities or assets that can be purchased within that asset class.

Trends Affecting Diversified Investment Advisors

Many events have effected the number and success of diversified investment advisors. The in the 1980’s and 90’s the specialized focused and actively investing money manager came to rise and reaped most of the attention and assets on wall street. Then through the 90’s and quantiative “black box” models gained power over the traditional diversified investment advisors and many people placed large portions of their investment portfolios with hedge funds or mutual funds that traded an almost purely automatic model-driven basis. After 1999 and 2000 a few notable quantitative hedge fund blow ups and the end of the tech boom index beta driven passive investment products gained traction as many investors licked their wounds and tried to decide where to invest their money next or took risks elsewhere in their portfolio’s of assets, such as real estate. Nowdays the enhanced index fund or diversified investment advisors are once again a dominant force in the market.

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