Institutional Investment Consultant

If you are wondering, “What is an institutional investment consultant?” then this video will be very helpful.  In the following video, I provide an institutional investment consultant definition and an overview of the services that institutional investment consultants offer.

Video Transcript/SummaryThe strategies and tips provided within this video module include:

  1. An institutional investment consultant is a person who is hired as an expert on investment managers and analyzes these investment funds for institutional investors.  
  2. The institutional investment consultant will typically help construct and even manage a portfolio of investment funds for their clients.  
  3. Institutional investment consultants will either have a discretionary or non-discretionary relationship with their institutional investor clients.
  4. So, an institutional investment consultant will have access to a collection of institutional investors.  This can be a highly valuable relationship for hedge funds and private equity funds looking to access institutional investors.
  5. However, many of these investors require a high level of assets under management in order to be considered.  

I hope that this video has helped you to better understand what an institutional investment consultant is and what services they typically provide to institutional investors.

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