Investing in Canada – Canada is Rich with Natural Resources

Investing in Canada can seem like a strange topic to the average investor. But for investors that understand the real potential in Canada, the concept of investing in Canada is something that could produce a significant return on investment. Canada is not known for its technological advances, its institutions of higher learning or any of its contributions to the arts. But Canada has the unique distinction of being a country larger than the United States in land mass, but with a very small population. The population of Canada is only 10 percent of the United States’ population, which puts Canada at right around 35 million people. But it is the land mass that is Canada’s real investment value.

What many people may not realize is that Canada is a significant supplier of oil and natural gas to the United States. Investing in Canada means developing more land in Canada that could be a friendly source of oil for the United States for many years. The more northern areas of Canada are rich with oil, but there needs to be investing in Canada before many of those reserves can be tapped. Right now, Canada stands second only to Saudi Arabia in terms of potential oil reserves. Companies are working feverishly to find ways to bring that oil to the surface and generate revenue with it. The potential for oil profits is one of the primary things that drive investment opportunities in Canada.

Another fact about investing in Canada that many people may not realize is that Canada is one of the world’s largest suppliers of grains such as wheat and barley. The forested regions of Canada’s upper territories supply a significant amount of lumber to the rest of the world. Investing in Canada is smart because there is very little of the land that is actually inhabited by people. Canada is extremely rich in natural resources that are sold all over the world. Investors are attracted to Canada because of its potential for supplying continuous and profitable natural resources.

Investing in Canada also means getting into the uranium and gold mining business as well. The northern most provinces of Canada have been the sites of some of the richest gold mines found in recent years. The presence of other metals such as zinc and aluminum make investing in Canada a very profitable venture for any individual or entity that can see all of the potential that the country has to offer.

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