Investing in Mental Health Clinics – The Need for Greater Investment

It’s estimated by the World Health Organization that at some point one in four people will require mental health services during their lifetime. Yet in much of the world, only two percent of all health care resources are invested in mental health clinics and other forms of treatment. This is an area of the healthcare world that is sadly overlooked, despite the high demand for valid forms of treatment. In low income countries, this can be a particular problem, with a need for wider investing in mental health clinics. Government expenditure can be as low as only $0.25 per person each year. For private investors, however, this opens up a wide window of opportunity.

There is a demonstrated demand for high quality mental health care, with such a high percentage of the world’s population experiencing mental health issues at some point in their lifetimes. Yet when the public healthcare sector is unwilling to put money into this industry, the burden rests on private investors to do so. Investing in mental health clinics can be a profitable enterprise as a result. One problem is that when money is invested in this field, the majority of it tends to go to long-term care at mental health clinics, rather than helping to fund public health programs.

Before you start the process of investing in mental health clinics, it’s a good idea to first think about which part of the world you are interested in investing. There is a global need for assistance, including private hospitals and clinics in developing countries as well as at home. Be sure to research where your money is going, however, before you start thinking about investing in the development and construction of these clinics. The best care will involve both medication and psychiatric counseling. However, in many types of mental health clinic development, the counseling gets set aside and forgotten.

Investing in mental health clinics and in the healthcare sector in general can be a daunting task, because there are so many different industries ranging from pharmaceutical companies to construction businesses. However, with the aging baby boomer generation and a high demand for quality mental health care, it can be worth your while to narrow down which part of this field you are interested in investing in. Not only can you make a difference to those who are suffering without treatment, but you can also help grow this industry and see your portfolio grow in value.

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