Making the Choice to Invest in Canada

If someone tells you not to invest in Canada, it is best not to take heed to that warning.  Canada is often considered one of the safest economies in the world.  Thanks to stringent fiscal and monetary policies, the country is able to achieve a much better, more stable economic balance than its United States counterpart.  There are many competitive advantages involved when you choose to invest in Canada ranging from big businesses in the industry sector to enhanced innovation and profit production.  Canada’s landscape provides plentiful resources and the financial sector produces a strong currency backed by commodities.

Canada is home to some of the most popular potash production companies on the market.  Most of the world’s potash exports come from Canada.  Potash is a rich agricultural product that is used mainly in fertilizers.  In fact, 90% of potash produced is used for fertilizer.  Therefore, investing in Canada, their potash industry in particular provides beneficial results.  Like any investment, there are both pros and cons.  No investment that you make is completely safe.  In terms of the pros, Canada houses one of the best banking investments in the industry known as the Bank of Nova Scotia.  It is considered the best in Canada as well as the best in the global infrastructure.

Another smart investment to make when considering investing in Canada is the Canadian National Railway.  As the energy industry continues to take on new demands, Canada’s ethanol and oil sand productions increase exponentially.  The one industry that stands to profit from these hiked demands is the railroad industry, particularly the Canadian National Railway.  Using the railway, Canada can save money on transport costs and ramp up their ability to provide high capacities of barrels per day.  This is especially important in lieu of recent oil spikes occurring around the world.

Saudi Arabia is considered one of the top providers of economically viable oil with Canada trailing right behind.  Canada’s oil sands are capable of providing enough oil to keep motorist moving for well over 100 years.  Therefore, investing in Canada’s oil sands is another recommended investment.  Sound investments are all about the profits that can be generated and Canada hosts a number of ways for investors to make a profit.  The only way to cash in on these investments is to make the leap of faith and make the initial investment to begin with so no matter what anyone says, Canada is one of the safest and best investment options to make.

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