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Richard-C-WilsonMy name is Richard C. Wilson. I founded the Finance Training Society on the premise that our current educational system in finance is broken.  Most professionals in our industry receive little to no mentoring, niche educational resources are scarce, and many networking emails go un-answered in our industry where everyone is busy and many are ultra-competitive…the stakes are high, if you do well in finance you will probably end up making more money than anyone else around you.

I made it into the finance world by making mistakes and working for free to prove myself, coming out of the west coast city of Portland, Oregon and going to Oregon State University of all colleges…

If I can make it into the hedge fund industry to become a well-known capital raiser, founder of #1 largest private equity association, and an advisor to ultra-wealthy families you should trust that I can provide you with some coaching and guidance that is going to help you reach your finance industry career goals even more quickly than I have.

To help you navigate the competitive jungle of the finance industry I have recorded a 35 minute audio interview that will provide you with focused, concise, and finance-industry specific advice.

Download your copy of this MP3 recording immediately by typing in your first name and email directly into the form below.  You will be able to make more money and waste less time in your finance career by listening to this short audio recording.

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– Richard