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Certified Private Equity Professional

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This program is designed for a professional that want to either step into or further their career within the private equity sector. This professional certification program was developed by the Private Equity Investment Group. This course will teach you the structures of private equity, the intricacies of leverage buyouts, how to measure returns, and the relationship between general partners.


Required Textbooks

These are the required textbooks for the CPEP course. You can click the title to search purchase options through google.

Private Equity as an Asset Class by Guy Fraser-Sampson 2nd edition


Private Equity: History, Governance, and Operations by Harry Cendrowski 2ndedition


The Private Equity Edge by Arthur B. Laffer


Inside Private Equity: The Professional Investor’s Handbook by James M. Kocis, James C. Bachman IV, Austin M. Long III, & Craig J. Nickels,

Learning Objectives

Learn about the history of private equity and how it has helped shape the market.

Understand how private equity funds are structured and be able to measure the returns

Learn the different types of private equity and how each one works and the intricacies of leverage buyouts

Understand the investor side of private equity, including the relationship between limited and general partners, and what investors look for in a private equity fund

Who is This Program Built For?

Private Equity Professionals who want to better understand their industry and how they can progress forward within their own career

Private Equity Managers, consultants, advisors, or team leaders

Graduate students or students who are looking for continued education in private equity

Seasoned professionals looking to cross over and enter the private equity industry

Business professionals who have recently taken a position as part of a Private Equity team

Business Managers responsible for expanding their firm’s financial picture.

Benefits of the FASC

Add the Certified Private Equity Professional(CPEP) Designation to your resume, assuring employers that you are dedicated to working in the industry, passionate about learning more about the industry and able to work more efficiently after being promoted or hired.

Educational Videos & Exclusive Access to video-based instruction, career tools, and audio interviews

Networking and Direct access to industry consultants and recruiters for business connections, networking advice, private equity startup and private equity career coaching or advice. Network with other CPEP Designation participants and over 100,000 + Members in Private Equity Investment Group (PEIG) Members around the world through our online networking system and forum.

Speak the language: Earning the CPEP Designation assures that you can attend conferences, interviews and other networking events while being able to contribute to conversations and understand discussions about current events or trends within the private equity industry.

How Does This Program Work?

Sample Audio and Video Files

Sample Audio Interview

Sample Video Module from CPEP Classroom

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