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Certified Capital Raising Specialist

Certified Capital Raising Specialist

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The Certified Capital Raising Specialist (CCRS) certification program is unique in that it is modeled after many online courses offered at Ivy League institutions today, offering more value for a more cost-effective program. The CCRS Program is a self-study program that includes educational multimedia resources in video form, a study guide, required readings, and a flexible online examination process, accessible around the world.The experts interviewed for this capital raising certification program have reached raised well over $100M each and their audio interviews recorded from on stage at our sister company’s Family Office Club conferences or via telephone audio interviews help provide a practical variety of perspectives to the CCRS program.


Required Textbooks

These are the required textbooks for the CCRS course. You can click the title to search purchase options through google.

Capital Raising: The 5-Step System for Raising Capital from Private Investors by Richard C. Wilson      ISBN-13: 978-1537526621


Learning Objectives

Gain a detailed perspective on what various types of investors expect and want when seeking investments, including the difference between HNW private investors, family offices, and institutional investors.

Explore the topics of copywriting, investor avatars, re-marketing, social media, investor funnels, single family offices, master DDQs, and placements agents so you can more swiftly navigate various capital raising tools and methods.

Become familiar with the 5-Step system for raising capital as an option to attract investors to the organization you represent vs. calling out or networking to identify and close new investors.

Learn essential investment marketing and sales actions that must be taken to properly follow up with investors, many of which are specific to capital raising

Familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of capital raising to shine a light on industry myths and common expensive mistakes that almost everyone makes while starting out.

Who is This Program Built For?

Professionals including analysts, hedge fund managers, marketers, private equity professionals,  consultants, professors, students, and anyone looking to improve their knowledge and skills in Capital Raising should complete this program because it will help improve their resume, job prospects, credibility, and third-party verified specialized knowledge on Capital Raising.

Benefits of CCRS

Access to over 100 educational videos, templates, books, and exclusive hedge fund tools through our Capital Raising training platform.

Create a more powerful resume with specific details on your Capital Raising industry training experience in the CCRS designation program.

An understanding of Capital Raising strategies and techniques.

A marked advantage over those professionals and competing funds which do not have the Capital Raising training, resources, and knowledge you will receive.

How Does This Program Work?

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