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Certified Financial Modeling Specialist

Certified Financial Modeling Specialist

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$49.99 / month for 6 months


This program is a professional certification tailored to fit the schedules of busy professionals with our 100% online learning platform and multimedia study materials. This platform includes audio interviews with industry experts, instructional videos covering the best practices, fundamentals and insights. Participants review and understand basic concepts of accounting and finance to learn how to work with better assumptions and parameters. Similarly, participants are exposed to the modeling instinct and other necessary skills required in a rapidly changing industry.


Required Textbook

This is the required textbook for the CFMS course. You can click the title to search purchase options through google.

Learning Objectives

Review accounting concepts; Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement, and understand the linkages between them so that modelers can accurately develop balanced multi-year financial projections.

Review finance concepts such as the Net Present Value, Weighted Average Cost of Capital, Terminal Value and the discounting of cash flows.

Develop Excel expertise with functions, formulas, layout, style and formatting so modelers can easily and quickly build scalable and robust financial models that are easy to use, extend, and incorporate into presentations as flexible tools for business decision-making.

Develop modeling instincts so modelers know what assumptions are reasonable and likely to result in dependable results, and what parameter ranges are realistic to account for invariable deviations of reality from models.

Develop a framework that allows modelers to build financial projections, perform discounted cash flow valuations, perform sensitivity analyses, build graphs and allow others to use their models without worrying about basic issues such as incorrect data input or “breaking” the model.

Provide a foundation for more advanced modeling courses such as for Leveraged Buyout Analyses, Mergers & Acquisitions, Equity or Debt issuance and other complex financial applications

Who is This Program Built For?

Portfolio managers, analysts, and hedge fund managers looking to improve their ability to build their own financial models.

Financial professionals who want to better understand financial modeling.

Students who are looking for continuing education opportunities

Seasoned professionals looking for professional self-improvement training to get further into the financial modeling space

Professionals who have just taken a position as part of a financial modeling team

Benefits of the CFMS

  • Advance your financial modeling career by raising your level of financial modeling knowledge and increasing your ability to work quickly and effectively. Specialized knowledge is valuable and an asset in our knowledge economy. Mastering the construction of financial models allows you to work more efficiently than your competitors.
  • Lifetime access to tools and multimedia training resources found online within the (CFMS) Certification Program.
  • Add the (CFMS) Designation to your resume, assuring employers that you are dedicated to working in the industry, focused on learning more about financial modeling and able to work more efficiently after being promoted or hired.
  • Speak the financial modeling language – Earning the CFMS Designation assures that you can attend conferences, interviews and other networking events while being able to contribute to conversations and understand discussions about current events or trends within the industry.  Our program will help you to understand the terms and implement the tactics and tools of leading financial modeling professionals.

How Does This Program Work?

Sample Audio and Video Files

Sample Audio Interview with Cliff Thomas

Sample Video Module from CFMS Classroom

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