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Certified Investment Banking Associate

Certified Investment Banking Associate

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This is a professional certification tailored to fit the schedules of busy professionals with our 100% online learning platform and multimedia study materials. This platform includes audio interviews with industry experts, instructional videos covering the best practices, fundamentals and insights. Participants take a hands-on approach to studying the investment banking business, learning about mergers and acquisitions (M&A) process, and evaluating firms based on various financial models. Participants will become familiar with how M&A works, different valuation methods and preparing debt and equity offerings.


Required Textbooks

These are the required textbooks for the CIBA course. You can click the title to search purchase options through google.














Learning Objectives

Put your studies in perspective through exposure to the business of investment banking.

Recognize that “valuation” lies at the core of an investment banker’s skill set.

Prepare to learn about valuation by gaining exposure to financial statements and accounting. Discover how figures flow between income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement, and gain exposure to more complex topics such as depreciation, goodwill and deferred taxes.

Learn valuation based on comparable companies’ analysis. You’ll learn how to choose comparables, find relevant financial data, analyze statistics and calculate valuation.

Learn valuation based on precedent transactions analysis. You’ll learn how to choose transactions, find relevant historical data, analyze multiples and calculate valuation.

Learn valuation based on discounted cash flow analysis. You’ll learn how to forecast cash flows, determine a cost of capital, compute the terminal value, discount back to the present and calculate valuation.

Take a hands-on approach to studying financial modeling techniques including more advanced topics such as sensitivities, complex capital structures, scenario toggles and cash flow revolvers.

Find out how the LBO process works and how LBO models can be used for valuation.

Become familiar with the M&A process including an examination of the accretion / dilution concept.

Become familiar with equity and debt offerings.

Who is This Program Built For?

Analysts or associates looking to improve their investment banking industry knowledge

Students with some professional experience who are looking for continuing education opportunities

Seasoned professionals looking for professional self-improvement training on investment banking

Professionals who have just taken a position as part of an investment banking team

Banking professionals looking to improve their investment banking knowledge and leverage the changes the event industry has experienced in the past 10 years

Investment banking placement agents and consultants

Benefits of the CIBA

Add the CIBA Designation to your resume, assuring employers that you are dedicated to working in the industry, focused on learning more about investment banking, and able to work more efficiently after being promoted or hired.
Advance your investment banking career by raising your level of investment banking knowledge and increasing your ability to work quickly and effectively. Specialized knowledge is valuable and an asset in our knowledge economy and mastering investment banking models, terms, and industry best practices allows you to work more efficiently than your competitors.
Exclusive Access to tools and multimedia training resources found online within the CIBA Certification Program.
Speak the investment banking language – Earning the CIBA Designation assures that you can attend conferences, job interviews, and other networking events while being able to contribute to conversations and understand discussions about current events or trends within the industry. Our program will help you to understand the terms and implement the tactics and tools of leading investment banking professionals.

How Does This Program Work?

Sample Audio and Video Files

Sample Audio Interview

Sample Video Module from CIBA Classroom

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