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Tags: hedge fund capital raising

Capital Raising Copywriting

When I tell hedge fund managers about the power of copywriting in capital raising, they sometimes are completely unfamiliar with the term copywriting.  In the following video, I talk about the value of copywriting in marketing your hedge fund. Video Transcript/Summary: The strategies and tips provided within this video module include: Writing copy or sales letters […]

Brian Tracy Interview on Capital Raising and Sales

Brian Tracy is an internationally recognized business expert who has written more than 45 books over his career.  I was fortunate enough to interview Brian on advanced capital raising techniques, strategies for building your authority in your industry, and Brian’s super-valuable advice on building a business. Brian Tracy in Video Format: Brian Tracy Interview in […]

International Capital Raising

As more and more investment funds expand their reach to all corners of the globe, learning how to raise capital internationally is a unique skill that will benefit any fund.  In the following video recorded in Madrid, Spain, I speak about the three synergies in international capital raising and how international capital raising differs from […]

Hedge Fund Marketing

I have worked many years in capital raising, sales and hedge fund marketing and I want to share some free advice on hedge fund marketing with you today.  In the following video, I share with you a common piece of advice that is pretty obvious but overlooked, a not-so-obvious piece of advice and a strategy […]