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Capital Raising Copywriting

When I tell hedge fund managers about the power of copywriting in capital raising, they sometimes are completely unfamiliar with the term copywriting.  In the following video, I talk about the value of copywriting in marketing your hedge fund. Video

Brian Tracy Interview on Capital Raising and Sales

Brian Tracy is an internationally recognized business expert who has written more than 45 books over his career.  I was fortunate enough to interview Brian on advanced capital raising techniques, strategies for building your authority in your industry, and Brian’s

International Capital Raising

As more and more investment funds expand their reach to all corners of the globe, learning how to raise capital internationally is a unique skill that will benefit any fund.  In the following video recorded in Madrid, Spain, I speak

Hedge Fund Marketing

I have worked many years in capital raising, sales and hedge fund marketing and I want to share some free advice on hedge fund marketing with you today.  In the following video, I share with you a common piece of
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